Monday, August 10, 2015

When you travel to countries outside of the USA you begin
to realize that life does not have to be over-the-top, structured
or totally organized.  In fact, life as we know it in the USA is
not very prevalent in other countries.
Simple is OK.  Random can de beautiful.
Tradition is preserved.
 Everyone is doing the best they can...and that is good enough.

Neighborhood carts mean personalized service.

This woman and her husband ship these ceramics
to high-end stores in the United States.
No two are exactly alike and they all have imperfections.

Each piece is hand painted.
They are made over molds but often sag or
become a little crooked during the process.
It is all just part of the charm.

Life's accessories are more limited.

Business is wherever you can make it.

Fast Food is not as available through national chains...

but made and sold on the streets.

You can get your chicken, meats ...

and fish fresh daily.

or sit down for a meal

just about anywhere.

Not every family has their own car.

This little girl is doing homework while her parents operate a kiosk.

These kids play together while their parents work at different shops.

Traditional dress is still common, even in the bigger cities.

The old ways are not forgotten.

Cultural and religious events are favorite family activities.

There is time to think

and watch the world go by.

Being by yourself

doesn't mean you are alone.

Because most homes are not big enough
for much more than sleeping...

social "gathering" is done on the street.

 In spite of what we often call "poverty",
it is amazing just how happy they are.

It is about family and friends,
simple pleasures...not stuff.


MagisterK said...

A beautiful photo essay and commentary.

MagisterK said...

A beautiful photo essay and commentary.

Julie Grange said...

So excited for you two. Love the pics. Lance and Whitney are taking us to Switzerland in May, I almost wish we were coming there. It is so colorful and fun to look at. I would come, these pictures make me want to see it in person. Love you both