Sunday, March 26, 2017

You Have to See it to Belize it.

We are soooooo happy to be in Belize

Only 3 days after arriving in Belize, thanks to Elder and Sister Flake,
(who arrived only 2 weeks ago), Julie and I were taken on a
whirlwind tour of the villages we will be visiting regularly
as a part major part of our assignment.  We met most of the local
Seminary and Institute teachers and a couple of the Branch Presidents.

We love the blue skies ...

and all the colors of the countryside.


It feels so happy!

As we traveled it was evident that the look and feel
of the country was definitely different than Peru...

 though the open markets seemed the same.

They have the best produce.

There are several large Mennonite communities throughout the
country that provide produce, dairy products, chickens and beef. 

Similar to Peru, the ma & pa shops are everywhere.

Being our first time out, we passed on the
Cowfoot soup...

and opted for the traditional rice and beans.
Next time we are going to try the beans and rice.

Yes, apparently there is a difference.

The houses are small but practical...

and I think this one even comes with 2 bathrooms.

With the doors open and the draft under the house,
who needs air conditioning?

Everywhere we went we met happy and friendly people.
We love their sense of humor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

When you travel to countries outside of the USA you begin
to realize that life does not have to be over-the-top, structured
or totally organized.  In fact, life as we know it in the USA is
not very prevalent in other countries.
Simple is OK.  Random can de beautiful.
Tradition is preserved.
 Everyone is doing the best they can...and that is good enough.

Neighborhood carts mean personalized service.

This woman and her husband ship these ceramics
to high-end stores in the United States.
No two are exactly alike and they all have imperfections.

Each piece is hand painted.
They are made over molds but often sag or
become a little crooked during the process.
It is all just part of the charm.

Life's accessories are more limited.

Business is wherever you can make it.

Fast Food is not as available through national chains...

but made and sold on the streets.

You can get your chicken, meats ...

and fish fresh daily.

or sit down for a meal

just about anywhere.

Not every family has their own car.

This little girl is doing homework while her parents operate a kiosk.

These kids play together while their parents work at different shops.

Traditional dress is still common, even in the bigger cities.

The old ways are not forgotten.

Cultural and religious events are favorite family activities.

There is time to think

and watch the world go by.

Being by yourself

doesn't mean you are alone.

Because most homes are not big enough
for much more than sleeping...

social "gathering" is done on the street.

 In spite of what we often call "poverty",
it is amazing just how happy they are.

It is about family and friends,
simple pleasures...not stuff.